The continued support I have received from my friends and the various communities I belong to has been life sustaining for me as I have struggled to maintain security through a string of ongoing attacks both by people on the left and organized white supremacist and zionists. Special thanks to students with the Oberlin College Asian American Student Alliance who have organized a sign-on letter of support for me.

I would truly appreciate it if you chose to make tangible movements towards supporting me and my work. I am asking you to please participate in supporting me in the following ways:

  1. Visit several times from both a computer and your phone or tablet if you have them. The more visits my site receives the further up it will climb on Google’s search result list, meaning the more likely that someone vetting me will see my website before they encounter –or at least in addition to– some of the other descriptions of me such as, “Moron Alert! Queer Asian Marxist”, “Kat Yang-Stevens Really Hates Jews” or “Meet Kat Yang-Stevens: The Craziest Anti-Israel Boycotter”. Similarly, if you run a website, blog, or tumblr consider linking to my website, this will also help my website to be recognized by Google.

  2. If you have been to any of my workshops, presentations, panels, or an action or event that I have been a part of organizing, if you have read my work, or have had some other memorable experience with me– please consider submitting a short “testimonial”. This will help people whose only conceptualization of me exists based on what they see on the internet to better understand me, my work, and my intentions.

  3. Personally reach out to people that you know at organizations, colleges, and universities and encourage them to book me for a workshop or presentation. Specifically, let them know about the skills that I possess as an educator and organizer.

  4. Share either of the images on the righthand side of this page through your Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or other social media. To do this simply right click on an image and drag it to your desktop and then upload it to your social media platform of choice. If using FB or Twitter use the “@” symbol to “tag” me in your description. Ask that people in your networks visit my site and share it with their friends who may be interested in booking me for an event. 

  5. If you are in a position of relative privilege and appreciate the work that I do and the ways that I support my communities; please consider making a donation. Although I am currently in a stable housing situation I still have many expenses to cover in regards to my physical and mental health and my new website is not cheap to host! You can send me donations by clicking here or via the PayPal website or app using the e-mail:

    • I'm currently working to save funds to buy my own portable projector. This would allow me to do be able to avoid the almost always inevitable technical issues that happen when setting up events as well as to be able to do pop-up workshops in public spaces and at actions/events that take place outdoors or in places without electricity. 

    • I'm also working to save money for a hand held video camera and audio equipment for interviews, educational videos, and other projects & purposes!

    • I'm also in the process of finding and beginning a new treatment program to help align my spine and relieve some of the physical pain I live with. The treatment sessions are very expensive and not covered by insurance; I terminated my treatment plan last year after just two sessions due to lack of funds.