"My family and I need your help in our fight against gentrification in Brooklyn. We are facing an uphill struggle against our landlord, a huge property owner and management company.  My landlord is trying to evict us from our rent regulated apartment in Bed- Stuy without any real reason. Our family has been displaced in this neighborhood multiple times and if we lose this fight we probably will not be able to live in our neighborhood any longer. We need help to raise funds in case have to move without notice, as well as help paying our rent next month while we search for a suitable roommate, all of the harassment from my landlord has caused my current roommate to decide to move out at the end of this month and although we are searching we may not find anyone in time. You can read our full story here,if you can help us out please try to and if you can’t please share this fundraiser as well as my story. Thank You!"