Kat is an experienced facilitator and educator who works to create original, animated, and refreshing workshops and presentations synthesizing a wide array of histories, analyses, and personal experiences to create a unique pedagogy. Kat's work as an educator is not just about  building foundations for intersectional praxis in our organizing work, their workshops and presentations are specifically structured to disrupt the status quo by channeling the resources of the academic and non-profit world towards empowering marginalized and underrepresented communities. Kat facilitates lectures and workshops at colleges, universities, community centers, etc. In addition to helping to cover the costs of basic living expenses and providing funding for website overhead and workshop materials, honorariums go to directly fund and support grassroots initiatives and organizers with marginalized identities. 


I do NOT accept requests from colleges and universities asking me to work for free.

I do provide sliding scale fees for groups and community organizations with limited funds. If you would like to discuss sliding scale fees please be sure to note that when you submit your booking inquiry which can be done below.

I have also, and am willing to continue to, work with community organizers to make arrangements to provide free workshops/trainings/events for grassroots community organizations with marginalized identities. I prioritize and give special consideration to communities engaged in frontline community self defense no matter the location.

I ask that you commit to work towards raising funds for an honorarium plus travel and lodging. If you attend a College or University with greater access to resources I ask that you work to provide the largest amount possible in honorarium. 

The higher an honorarium is from a college/university the more I am able to redirect resources from academic spaces to provide sliding scale low-cost or free workshops and events for primarily impacted communities with no or limited funds.

In some cases raising honorarium funds may require you to work with other clubs/organizations/departments on campus or with a neighboring campus or community organization. This can and has been done many times and is more achievable than you may think at first. You may still contact me with booking inquiries if you’re not certain where your funding will be coming from but are committed to organizing to attain it.

Kat is also available for:

Event Planning & Organizing Conferences, Convergences & Panels


Panel Discussions

Consultation Sessions for Organizations, Groups, & Individuals

Website Design

Social Media Campaigns

Flyers & Graphics